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Thank you for visiting Judah's Revival Ministries!

It is our pleasure to welcome you here today! We have made a special effort to create an atmosphere where every person is received with the love and comfort of the Holy Spirit. It is our desire that people of all ages and all walks of life discover that Judah's Revival Ministries is an "Oasis of Love" in a loveless world. This ministry is a move of God, set apart from the traditional church setting and structure. This ministry is sent forth from God to be a great blessing in the lives of His people without any ties or obligations to the many doctrines of MEN that make God's word of no effect. (Mark 7:13)

Our purpose and function is to be a pointer not to ourselves but to God our Father, and Lord Jesus Christ. Outside of that, we are as any other servant of God, like yourself. When God sends forth a great move, it is to take His people to higher heights and deeper depths into Himself. Especially in these last days, God is doing great things to prepare the "Bride" for the "Bridegroom."

It is our prayer that your visit to this website is the beginning of a lasting love and fellowship, as we partner to seek, to serve and glorify our Lord. We pray that we have created an atmosphere where you may come and receive a word of Truth, no matter what season of life you may be experiencing. This ministry seeks only to be a blessing in the lives of God's people, to meet every need according to His Divine purpose.

Again, thank you for visiting Judah's Revival Ministries!

..."Sent to the Four Corners of the World" (Isaiah 11:12)